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Founded on the tenets of health, love and family, the Park Animal Hospital doctors and team are dedicated to treating you and your pet just like family. The team promises to provide kind, loving, “above and beyond” care and the most advanced veterinary services to keep your pet healthy or to restore your pet to good health using the most effective and least costly or invasive treatment or therapies when possible. Services include:

The best means to keep your pet healthy is through preventative medicine. We recommend routine wellness exams and scheduled vaccinations to ensure your pet remains in optimal health. We tailor your pet’s vaccination protocol to the established guidelines of the American Veterinary Medical Association, his/her lifestyle and the diseases your pet is most likely to be exposed to.

Laser treatment is proven to provide relief and accelerate the body’s natural healing process through photo-biomodulation. It is a sterile, pain-free, surgery-free, drug-free treatment for a variety of injuries, wounds, fractures, neurological conditions, dermatological problems, pain, and aging.

Acupuncture has gained tremendous popularity over the last 20 years for its effective use in animals. It is used most often for pain management, arthritis in geriatric patients, as relief to lessen the adverse effects of cancer or chemotherapy, or in combination with physical rehabilitation to facilitate exercise and muscle building.

We perform senior pet geriatric exams tailored to the age, condition and breed of your pet. As s/he ages, susceptibility to diseases such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and dental and heart disease increases. A pro-active senior pet care program identifies age-related health issues to prevent diseases, or to discover them at an early stage for treatment.

Bringing a new puppy or kitten into your family is so exciting. Ensuring “your new baby” gets a good, healthy start in life is important. During your puppy or kitten’s first year we recommend an initial wellness and dental exam, screening for parasitic infections, and vaccinations. At six months, we recommend spaying or neutering your pet. And, for a new puppy we recommend starting heartworm prevention medications. The first year vaccines we provide are spread out to ensure your puppy or kitten’s immune system responds and recovers from each vaccine.

The vet team at Park Animal Hospital has selected the Home Again microchip system for our clients because we believe it offers the most comprehensive system for identifying and reuniting pets with their families.

As fellow pet owners, we understand how difficult this can be for you when your pet may need surgery. We offer our support throughout the process from initial consultation through the final post-op checkup. Our initial consultation helps you make an informed decision by educating you on whether surgery is the most viable option for your pet, which procedure is best, and the risks and benefits. When surgery is required, our goal is to perform the most effective and least invasive surgical option.

With pet neutering and spaying and other surgical procedures, we provide advanced anesthetic capabilities and surgical equipment for the safety and comfort for your pet, and closely monitor your pet to address pain management.

The healthier the mouth, the healthier the pet. Despite the importance of pet dental care, dental disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats with more than 50% of cats and 85% of dogs over age four with dental problems. Left untreated, dental disease can cause bad breath, oral pain and infection, tooth decay and loss, diminished quality of life and even systemic infections.

Park Animal Hospital provides complete dental care for our pet clients. Routine dental exams are an integral part of your dog or cat’s preventative health care program, and consist of a complete oral exam (and digital dental radiography as needed) followed by a thorough cleaning. This will not only prevent dental and systemic disease, but also help minimize the lifetime cost of care.

Laboratory testing is an integral part of preventative pet care, and for diagnosing and treating illness. With a full onsite laboratory and state-of-the-art digital radiography (x-rays), Park Animal Hospital can provide a timely, accurate diagnosis on a wide range of medical conditions.

We understand that pet emergencies are stressful and upsetting, and are here to help. During normal business hours, we provide emergency services. Should you have an after-hours emergency, our doctors are available by phone until 11pm and can guide you to the nearest emergency hospital if needed.

The right diet is an essential to your pet’s health. Park Animal Hospital offers nutritional consultation to help your pet live healthfully. Our services include consultation in diet and feeding practices for dogs and cats with specific diseases in which nutritional intervention plays a role in disease management, in dietary selection and feeding practices for cats and dogs during specific life stages including growth, gestation and lactation, as well as for large-breed or geriatric pets. We can also help structure an appropriate weight management program for your pet through diet.

Park Animal Hospital carries a full line of pet medications and supplements, flea and tick control products, and heartworm medication. We also offer prescription medications. Ask us about our current pet medication rewards program.

If an online pharmacy provides your pet's medication, we ask that you please review and sign our waiver of responsibility and liability​ for these medications.​

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