Health. Love. Family.

The long standing tradition of Park Animal Hospital as the only  family-owned and operated veterinary practice in Darien, CT, continued when Dr. Damian Battersby and Dr. Shelley Skopit, local husband and wife veterinarians, purchased the practice in 2013.  Today, the practice serves pets and their families in Darien and the surrounding communities as a full-service, state-of-the-art veterinary hospital providing general wellness and specialty care for dogs and cats. Alternative health therapies and services such as acupuncture and therapeutic laser treatment offered by few certified veterinarians in the Fairfield County area are also fully integrated into the traditional medical and surgical veterinary practices and treatments we provide at Park Animal Hospital.   

As a family-centric practice, Drs. Battersby and Skopit and their team firmly believe that pets are such an important member of the family and deserve the best care possible to enjoy happy and healthy lives. They are dedicated to providing excellent pet health care in a nurturing, compassionate and loving environment where each pet feels well cared for and safe. The entire team’s commitment to family and care does not stop with their pet patients; they are also devoted to providing the support needed by each of their pets caregivers.

Drs. Battersby and Skopit remain up to date on the latest advancements in the veterinarian field through continuous education, and investing in their practice by updating the equipment, technology, and resources available onsite to provide the highest quality patient care. 

Providing incomparable care to our pet patients and to their families is fundamental to who we are, what we do, and to whom we serve. Our communications and relations with each pet and their family are filled with compassion, kindness, empathy, honesty and transparency. 

People often ask what makes Park Animal Hospital so unique. The response is always the same. Health, love and family. The Park Animal Hospital family that each pet patient and their family become a part of is truly one of a kind.  Experiencing firsthand the loving, tender, extraordinary care given to their pet, and the expertise, dedication and kindness of each member of the health care team are the reasons why clients choose to become and remain part of the Park Animal Hospital family. 

As a local business, Drs. Battersby and Skopit recognize the importance of serving the community beyond their practice doors. They and the entire staff of Park Animal Hospital share a commitment to volunteer their time and expertise to organizations and events serving pets and their families in Darien and surrounding communities, and by developing and sharing information and tips for keeping pets safe and healthy.

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