Mission & Values


Park Animal Hospital is a full-service, family-owned and operated veterinary practice viewed as setting the highest standard in private practice veterinary care. This is accomplished by bringing together “above and beyond” personalized service and extraordinary, incomparable health care to our pet patients and their families, the knowledge, wisdom, expertise and experience developed over years as practicing veterinarians, with the most advanced services, alternative therapies, technology and resources to benefit dogs, cats and their owners in Darien and surrounding communities.


As a family-owned and operated practice, we are not beholden to shareholders, boards, or corporate management.  We can be true to our values and do what is in the best interest of our pet clients and their families.  Providing unparalleled pet health care with unwavering kind, loving compassionate service for each pet and their family is at our core.

Patient-Centric, Integrated Care – The compassionate and optimal care and welfare of each individual pet patient in the Park Animal Hospital family is our utmost priority.

Collaborative Decision-Making – Pet owners who entrust us with the care and well-being of their “best friend” and family member, can rest assured that we collaborate with you to consult, educate and inform the decisions you make on your pet’s preventative and medically necessary care.

Integrity, Trust & Respect – We genuinely love pets, and respect our pet owners and families. We always communicate professionally, proactively, and with transparency. We act ethically and deliver on our commitments. “We do what we say, and say what we do”.

Responsibility - We understand that each member of our team is integral to the success of our private practice. Aligned with this, we expect each member of our team to continually strive to provide the best in healthcare and service to our pet patients and families.

Continuous Improvement - We are committed to learning and developing our knowledge and skills as veterinary professionals and as an overall practice.  In turn, we will strive to always provide the most advanced, best in breed (pun intended) services to our patients.

Community Orientation – As a local business, we contribute to our community by delivering value through our veterinary expertise, education and services, and to actively support pet adoption and other pet-centric support agencies.

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